Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tantric Uses of Sex

Tantric sex is not primarily about pleasure and orgasm. Tantra uses sex as a way to explode yourself into a new being, says Tantra Bensko.
Since ancient times, Tantric sex has been used as an incredibly powerful tool for the complete transformation of both the psyche and body. It is a pleasurable and evolutionary method of masturbation and exchange of sexual energies between people, with or without engaging in intercourse. Our bodies have been designed with special pathways of electromagnetic energies through which sexual energies can be directed.

Sacred sexual practices are very specific and elaborate and have been passed down through the generations, sometimes so secretly they are forbidden to be written. Secret societies use Tantra in their upper echelons. These societies know how the procedures work, though they may miss some of the more loving aspects of Tantra. Read more

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