Saturday, November 13, 2010

What Is Lower Tantra?

You may have come across the terms "lower Tantra" and "higher Tantra." A lot of students hear "higher" and think "better." So, why not just skip the lower Tantras and jump right to the higher Tantras if they deal more directly with the Divine? Tantra teacher Tao Semko explains what lower Tantra is.
Lower tantra: Transformative practices which integrate your physical and energetic bodies. These include hatha yoga, "tantric sex," kriya yoga, laya yoga, tibetan trul khor, taoist and buddhist qigong, and more.

Each of those practices includes relaxed controlled breathing, postures, physical sensitivity practices, internal muscle contractions, sexual techniques, mental and emotional attitudes, and awareness of the subtle anatomy (energy centers, channels, and vital breath). They are designed to increase your awareness of your subtle energy body, to teach you to manipulate, balance, and amplify the subtle energy in the body, and to safely "arouse kundalini sakti."

Skeptical? In biological terms, you are learning to rejuvenate and reactivate your endocrine glands and central nervous system, increasing nerve "links" between the brain and the rest of the central nervous system. In the process you gain relaxed control over your "involuntary" bodily systems, and can attain and maintain a relaxed, focused mind. Read more

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Helena Fox said...

Thank you so much. There are some beautiful points here that help me in my own practice as well as help me to articulate the practice to others.

The word "lower" can be misleading in this context because our definitions of "lower" can easily be interpreted as inferior.

In some traditions, the "higher and lower self" represent higher and lower worlds. The location determines the viewpoint. That is to say working with the "higher" realms only gives you information from this viewpoint.

It is important to integrate the viewpoint of the higher and lower in order to navigate in the "middle", or the physical/mundane world. Spending too much time in the "higher" worlds can be just as devastating as spending too much time in the "lower" worlds.