Tuesday, May 7, 2019

The Best Sex Position for Deep Penetration

Deep penetration can be very passionate and exciting for both men and women as it can provide entirely new sensations and higher levels of pleasure. Besides being very satisfying and rewarding, it can also provide a sense of being deeply connected with each other, both physically and emotionally. The key to deep penetration is in the way the woman's body is positioned.The Crab on Its Back sex position is the absolute best for deep penetration.

This sex position comes to us from both the Kama Sutra and the Arab sex manual The Perfumed Garden. It is a man-on-top position, and it allows a great deal of face-to-face intimacy between the partners. It also gives the man the ability to thrust vigorously, and the woman to return his thrusting with her own alternating movement.

In this sex position, the woman lies on her back on the bed, with her upper body only and her buttocks placed near the edge of the bed at the bottom corner. The man stands or bends over her and penetrates her. At this time, the woman bends her knees backwards towards her breasts, which makes her resemble a crab on its back.

The man supports himself with his hands, but his torso and the woman's are generally in very close contact. The Crab on Its Back position is similar to the “Pressed Position” where the woman places her feet on her lover’s chest, but in this position, she can have her feet extend to her lover’s side instead.

The Crab on Its Back position allows for maximum penetration and can be used by couples where the man has only an average-sized lingam (Sanskrit for penis). In this way, as the woman raises her hips off the bed, the man's lingam is fully penetrated, so the actual size of the man's lingam is not so important, as penetration is at the deepest level possible.

Though the woman's torso is pinned down, she is free to move her pelvis, which she should do as the man starts thrusting. The man can have both or one leg on the floor to support himself, whichever is most comfortable. The woman can pull her legs back further to allow even deeper penetration if she wishes.

The couple should move in a coordinated movement of thrust and push back for as long as possible. This will almost assure a simultaneous orgasm if done correctly. In this position,a woman will climzx with deep, intense contractions. The man should not withdraw during his orgasm, but continue to thrust while the woman (or they both) come to a deeply satisfying climax.

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