Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tantric Fellatio: Worshiping the Lingam

In Tantra, the penis is called the lingam, which in Sanskrit can be translated as "Wand of Light." Worship of the generative organs has been practiced throughout history. Evidence of phallic worship goes back 28,000 years - give or take a few years. One way for a woman to worship her man's lingam is to create a lingam shrine. Another way is to perform Tantric fellatio.

The Kama Sutra refers to fellatio as auparishtaka, meaning superior coition. This sacred, erotic practice is used to nurture, soothe, and relax. Its applications extend far beyond sexual arousal and orgasm. Tantric fellatio is a deep, non-verbal communication between lovers, used to balance and harmonize the moods and energy of the couple.

The setting and attitude are what make Tantric fellatio a special experience for your man. Make the space where you'll be performing Tantric fellatio warm, inviting, and special, a place your partner will feel welcome and comfortable. The most appropriate position for Tantric fellatio is on your knees in front of your god. If that's too uncomfortable, sitting on the edge of the bed or in a chair with him standing in front of you works also. Before you make oral contact to your partner’s lingam, make eye contact first and establish connection with him. You may even want to ask for permission, or tell him how much you want to honor him in this way and how it affects you positively.

Begin by slowly taking your man's lingam into your mouth as deeply as you can. Hold it there for a moment while you appreciate its hardness and length. Then, go on to perform fellatio on his lingam as lovingly as you know how. Remember to maintain eye contact as much as possible.

The rhythm of the movement of your mouth on his lingam should be sustained and repeated for several minutes and then changed in order to prolong the act. Alternate sliding the lingam in and out of your mouth, with “holding” just the glans in your mouth while encircling it, around and around with the tongue and then flicking the tongue “with definite force” at the opening at the end of his lingam.

Your man should devise a signal to alert you when he needs you to reduce stimulation to prevent ejaculation at a given time. When such a signal is given, slide your mouth away from the base of his lingam, keeping only the glans inside. Then your lips should be stretched tightly over the front teeth and the glans pressed tightly between the lips, to “squeeze” the glans, creating the numbing sensation that helps your man to control and prevent orgasm. Then the process of fellatio can resume. In this way, Tantric fellatio can go on indefinitely without ejaculation occurring involuntarily.

To bring your man to climax when you're ready, lock your lips on his lingam and suction them up and down the bottom three-quarters of his shaft at a quick, steady pace while pressing your flattened tongue against the underside of his lingam. Make sure you are applying pressure with both your lips and tongue. You can do this very slowly for a more intense feeling, but make sure you move at a steady rhythm.

The Tantric way to end fellatio is by accepting his semen into your mouth. Vedic texts contain many references to semen as a form of food. On an esoteric level, swallowing semen is a form of eucharist whereby the deity resides in the semen and enters the body of the worshiper. When you feel your man start to ejaculate, suck slowly and intensely on his lingam, letting his semen shoot into your mouth. At the end of the Tantric fellatio ritual, thank him for the gift he just gave you.

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