Tuesday, January 11, 2011

6 Kissing Lessons

Many men and women complain that their partners don't kiss very well, so Tantra teacher Suzie Heumann gives six lessons in kissing to help lovers master this erotic art.
Kissing is one of the most sensuous, erotic and thrilling things couples can do together. It can be done just about anywhere. So, what's to keep you from being a great kisser?

Many men and women complain that their lover doesn't know how to kiss very well, and that their kissing actually turns them off. How do you kiss? How does your lover do it? Has your technique gotten a bit stale and is there something you can learn about kissing?

Our mouths, lips and tongues are alive with nerve endings. Voluptuous lips are one of the sexual stimuli that turn on both men and women. We wouldn't love eating nearly as much if we didn't like the texture of things in our mouths. Kissing has an erotic power over us and the better you are at it the more you'll get kissed. The pleasure you can deliver and derive from kissing can be expanded to take on an importance of its own. Take a step back to 'innocent mind' and start over to find the thrill in it again. Read more

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