Tuesday, July 9, 2019

The 3 Basic Tantric Sex Practices

Many people have the wrong idea about Tantric sex. The purpose of Tantric sex is not to maximize your erotic pleasure or achieve a more intense orgasm, though it usually does both. Rather,Tantric sex is aimed at bringing about a unity of spirit through the sexual encounter. To achieve this, various Tantric sex techniques are used in three basic practices.

1) Raising Sexual Energy
This practice aims at extending your pleasures from sex for a longer time so that you can take it to a higher spiritual plane. They stress is on building up the pleasure so that you can continue enjoying a pre-orgasmic period for a longer amount of time. This practice uses massage, oral sex, and sexual intercourse to raise sexual energy.

2) Exchanging Sexual Energy
In this practice, you think of yourself as a part of a circle of energy. One of the best positions to try this is to "spoon" with your partner. Cuddle him or her and rock back and forth, giving and receiving energy from one another. You can start off the process by gazing into each other's eyes for some time before you begin spooning.

3) Taking Sexual Energy
This was one of the earliest practices of Tantric sex. In this process, one of the partners visualizes and "sucks" the sexual energy of the other during sexual intercourse. It used to be predominantly a male practice for youth and longevity, but nowadays women also practice taking sexual energy. Anal sex is a particularly potent method for a woman to take male sexual energy in order  to awaken her kundalini.

These three basic practices make Tantric sex different than just having pleasurable and orgasmic sex - not that there's anything wrong with that!  However,Tantric sex practices can also release the cosmic energy stored in human sexuality into human consciousness. Tantric sex can take a couple beyond the merely erotic to the ecstatic, and ultimately to the goal of spiritual unity.

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