Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Two Thrusting Techniques That Drive Women Wild

This probably won't come as a surprise to you, but few men think much about the thrusting techniques they use during sex. Thrusting techniques are how you thrust your penis in and out during sexual intercourse. Most men go for the fast, all in and all out approach with no change of speed, depth, or rhythm.

Here's where you can be different: Start mixing up the speed, depth, and rhythm of your thrusts. Go slow for a bit, and then go fast for a bit. Go shallow for a bit, and then deep for a bit. You can also get a litlle more advanced than that. Here are two examples of thrusting techniques that drive women wild:

Thrusting Technique #1

Women love teasing and anticipation. One great thrusting technique for this is to start off sex by entering your penis into her vagina at an absolute minimal depth and very slowly. Then take it out again. Then next time enter very slightly deeper and very slightly faster. Then take it out again. And repeat the process getting gradually deeper and faster. Overall it's a fairly slow process and it should take several minutes until you're in full depth. And because of all the teasing and anticipation you created, she'll appreciate your deep thrusting ten times more than if you started doing full depth straight away.

Thrusting Technique #2

This is another great thrusting technique for getting her to anticipate and appreciate your deep thrust. If you do this correctly, you can expect her to gasp when you go in deep. The way this technique works is pretty simple. Most of the time you'll be thrusting very shallow, around an inch or two in depth. Then every now and again, about once for every ten shallow thrusts, perform a very slow thrust to full depth. Because of the contrast to all the shallow thrusts she's just experienced, she will love the feeling of you going in all the way. Remember to just go in deep once, and then return to doing ten or so shallow thrusts before going deep again.

The thrusting techniques you use during sex can make the difference between her having an orgasm or feeling nothing. There are an numerous ways you can vary your depth, speed, and rhythm while thrusting to create an incredible experience for your partner. Experiment with different thrusting techniqes every time you have sex. As soon as you start consistently experimenting, you'll eventually develop a few different thrusting techniques that drive her wild.

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