Thursday, July 14, 2011

Have a Wegasm Tonight!

Simultaneous orgasms aren't just stuff of legend. Sarah Kennedy reveals how to have a "wegasm" tonight!
Any kind of orgasm is pretty awesome, but without a doubt, the pinnacle of peaking is the simultaneous Big O, or Wegasm, to borrow a term coined by the condom connoisseurs at Durex. Sex can be spectacular no matter who blasts off first, but there's good reason to try for the somewhat elusive synchronized O: According to a recent study in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, concurrent climaxes during intercourse are associated with stronger relationships, more sizzling sex lives, and a happier outlook on life. "Plus, physically and emotionally, there may be a momentary loss of individual boundaries, a sense of truly becoming one with the other," explains study author Stuart Brody, Ph.D.

A deeper understanding of how everything can click at once may be all you really need to experience a synced-up grand finale. But there's no need to shoot for the moon every single time—even the occasional Wegasm will have you seeing stars. Read more

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