Saturday, July 16, 2011

Rewire Your Brain for Love

Psychologist Marsha Lucas explains how to change your brain in ways which support healthier, more satisfying relationships.
As a psychologist, I see people in my practice all the time who complain that the thrill of sex dies down after awhile. It gets, well, routine. Same-old, same-old. Going through the motions. Sometimes, they get around to asking what they can do to spice things up.

"Yes, there is," I say.

Their eyes get a little wider, their hearts jump a bit.

They're not always thrilled when I tell them they need to change their brain structure. And sometimes even less thrilled when I tell them one of the best ways to change their brain for better sex, is mindfulness meditation. Read more


PK said...

Jen, This may sound a bit radical, I think in the west, probably sex loses its vibrance and excitement, since it is treated as something common, that can be had everyday, every hour..

I think if it is treated as something special, perhaps once or twice a week, then it will retain its flavor.

Its like eating out in a nice restaurant, every day it will become a non-excitement, once in a while, it is special.

Dont you think so?

Daanish said...

a good one:)

why brain gets involved in love and heart matters ?

Jennifer Lawless said...

It's human nature to take for granted something that's readily available. However, excellent sex is never readily available because it takes time, effort, knowledge, and a connection to your partner.

PK said...

True, Jen, do you think the fun of sex lingers if we keep trying new things? I just started exciting my wife in her vagina and anus, and her excitement is heightened! It excited me too! She has never tried oral sex on me, can you suggest tips to interest her in that?


Jennifer Lawless said...

Most women want to please their partners sexually. Have you told her how much you would like for her to perform oral sex on you? She may not know what to do. Assure her that you'll enjoy whatever she does orally.

PK said...

Thanks, Jen.