Saturday, August 6, 2011

Male Genital Massage

Tantric teacher Jaiya gives some tips and techniques for male genital massage.


Anonymous said...

I had a prostatectomy for prostate cancer last year and have almost complete ED and have minimal feeling in my penis. You reference flaccid penis massage techniques. Can you elaborate? Also, because some of the nerves that permit erection as well as sexual pleasure which enshroud the prostate, had tumor involvement, they were excisioned. I was advised by the cancer center that performed the surgery to explore both tissue and nerve rehabilitation through anal/rectal massage and stimulation. Do you offer any guidance ofr accomplishing these?

Jennifer Lawless said...

I think Jaiya participated in the making of a DVD titled "Erotic Soft Cock Massage." I don't have any guidance except to follow your doctor's advice. Massage isn't necessarily complicated. It's just rubbing and stroking. Any kind of touch and pressure that doesn't hurt should work.