Tuesday, June 24, 2014

5 Secrets of Tantric Sex

During intense sexual arousal or orgasm, a person can reach a mental state that is very similar to that of meditation. By extending lovemaking long enough to fully stimulate the erogenous zones, you bring energy into them, which generates a highly charged physical response. While some Tantric sex secrets are complex, there are basic techniques that can spice up your sex life. Here are five of them:

1) Make sex sacred.

The more sacred the sex, the more intense the experience. Prepare for sex as you would if you were going to church or synagogue. Bathe or shower. Dress up. Wear perfumes or cologne. Decorate your bedroom. Dim the lights. Use candles.The more you make sex externally special, the more it will internally drive you delightfully into ecstasy.

2) Look into your partner's eyes.

Often people close their eyes during sex, and the closer they get to orgasm, the tighter they close their eyes. Although it may feel a bit strange to begin with, looking into your partner’s eyes, especially during orgasm, can increase intimacy between you and your partner, and it can also lead to some of your most intense sexual experiences ever.

3) Focus on your breathing.
Breath and sex are intimately related. As you near orgasm, your breath tends to become faster and shorter. If you consciously focus on your breath and keep it deep and slow, you’ll be able to stay in that delicious state of pre-orgasm and orgasm much, much longer.

4) Make sounds during sex.

There is a saying that without sacred sounds (mantra), there is no Tantra. One of the most sacred of sounds is that of the outgoing breath: ahhhhhh. When involved in sexual activity, make sounds (especially “ahhhh”) on your exhalations. It causes your whole body to vibrate with joy and bliss. Orgasms will fill your entire body, not just your genital area.

5) Exercise your sexual muscles.

Exercise all of your pelvic muscles daily. This includes the pubococcygeus (PC) muscle as well as the muscles of the buttocks and anus - the entire pelvic floor. Having greater strength and control of the pelvic floor muscles will make sex much more exciting and give you greater control over your orgasms. Some women who have difficulty achieving orgasm during intercourse may even discover that they develop this ability after strengthening their pelvic floor..

Try one or all of these Tantric sex secrets. Some will require more practice than others, but several you can try tonight. Even if they seem a bit strange to you, they have worked for many people for thousands of years. They will work for you, too.

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