Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Please Your Woman with Tantric Perineal Massage

If you want a simple way to spice up lovemaking with your woman, perineal massage might be the technique you're looking for. Located between the vagina and the anus, the perineum is packed with pleasurable nerve endings. In fact, the clitoris often extends down through a woman’s labia and through her perineum and anus, allowing her to experience pleasure in all these areas. You can stimulate this often overlooked erotic body part in two ways: while you're performing oral sex and while having sex from behind (if her legs are spread to allow access).

Here are three techniques to stimulate the perineum:

The Black Lotus

Begin by performing oral sex as you normally would.  After several minutes, press gently on the perineum and let go.  Repeat this several times, gradually increasing the pressure. If she tenses up, back off the pressure..

The Red Lotus

This one is the same as the Black Lotus, but it also involves anal stimulation.  While performing the Black Lotus insert one finger slightly into her anus, gently moving your finger in a circular motion.  Ask permission before you "go there." If she enjoyed the Black Lotus, she will be more open to letting you try the Red Lotus. Be sure to use plenty of lubricant and go slowly.

The Blue Lotus

While having sex from behind, wait until she is close to orgasm before gently massaging her perineum in a circular motion.  Keep rubbing until she says that she can't take any more. Women vary greatly when it comes to how much stimulation they can take.

Every woman’s body has a different distribution and sensitivity of nerve ending. As always, experimentation and practice are the best way to discover what your partner enjoys. Some women find a perineal massage can even help them open up and release the fluids that get them lubricated.  As with all sexual exploration, experimentation and communication are the best ways to improve and have more pleasurable encounters.

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