Tuesday, August 13, 2019

6 Tantric Sex Positions You Need to Try

Many couples explore Tantric sex because they want to experience new heights of pleasure. Trying new sex positions is one of the quickest ways to achieve that goal. While some Tantric techniques may require some practice or even training, changing sex positions does not. Different positions provide different sensations, which can enhance sexual pleasure. Try these six Tantric sex positions to take your love life to a whole new level.

1) Blooming Flower

For this position, the man lies on his back while his partner straddles him. Once in position, she wil start to lie back slowly. She can use her arms to support herself as they get into the rhythm. This position makes look as if you are blooming.

2) Crouching Tiger.

In the Crouching Tiger, the man lies on the bed with his knees on the edge while the woman squats facing away from him. This position allows the woman to control the depth and speed of penetration. While this position is relaxing for the man, it can be slightly challenging for the woman.

3) Indrani:

In the Indrani position, the woman lies down with her legs tucked up to her sides until the knees are at breast level. She then opens them wide apart for her partner. He enters her from a kneeling position, tucking her calves under his arms. The way her legs are bent and with them pressed hard against her partner’s chest will, in turn, contract the muscles in her vagina, leading to a tight fit for the penis.

4) Piditaka

For this position, the woman lies on her back with her knees pulled up to her chest and rests her feet on her partner’s chest. The man’s knees will be on the outside of her hips. The man then raises her hips and slides his penis inside her. Basically, it’s a rocking position.

5) Sammukha

For this Kama Sutra favorite, the woman leans against the wall with her legs spread open wide enough for the man to penetrate her. This position may be awkward at first but nce you adjust yourself and get into a rhythm, it’s a very romantic and sensual position.

6) Standing Wheelbarrow.

In the Standing Wheelbarrow, the woman starts on all fours, and uses a pillow to rest her arms on. The man squats behind her and enters her. Then, once he’s inside, he grabs her legs and lifts them into the air, holding her legs for support. This position allows for deep penetration.

Changing sex positions is any easy way to experience the potential pleasures of Tantric sex. A couple of these positions can be challenging for some, although only the Standing Wheelbarrow could really be called acrobatic. Start with the position that seems most familiar or the easiest and progress from there to the ones that seem more challenging.. 

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