Thursday, July 17, 2014

10 Tantric Sex Secrets for More Spiritual Sex

Why does it usually seem that our spiritual lives are so separate from our sex lives? Tantra developed as a way to weave every aspect of daily life, including sex, into the spiritual path. Rather than something that detracts from religious life, erotic experience is a prime opportunity for spiritual cultivation. The purpose of Tantric sex is to tap the energy that flows through the human body, increase and focus the energy through sexual union, and then use the energy as fuel for spiritual transformation.

Here are ten Tantric tips to help you turn sex into a spiritual practice:

1) Stay focused.

When beginning to learn Tantric sex, remember to stay focused on the reason for a lovemaking session. Whether the focus on erotic touch or trying to circulate energy from orgasm throughout the body, remain focused on the goal.

2) Explore your senses.

The next time you’re in bed, pay attention to what your partner feels like, tastes like, sounds like, and looks like right that second. This is a way of shutting off the brain and letting go of the thinking. It’s also a great way to make sure you don’t miss out on all the pleasure that happens before you .reach orgassm.

3) Keep your eyes open.

Making love with your eyes open is one of the fundamentals of deep connection in intimacy. It is harder to do than you might expect. Move toward this idea as an intention rather than a rule. It is not easy to be seen, even by the people we love, but witnessing the act of love can be transformative.

4) Take it slowly.

A long, slow build-up helps men control ejaculation. The longer you linger in this process of building energy,the longer men can resist ejaculation. During this time, focus on each other. If your thoughts wander, gently bring your attention back to the present, focusing on your partner and the moment at hand.

5)) Find the spot.

One of the first techniques to learning Tantric sex is to find an erogenous zone on the other person's neck. This is the perfect location to kiss and nibble bringing the partner to an erotic state. Stimulate the neck to see if an orgasm can be reached before isexual ntercourse actually begins.

6) Make the connection.

Learning to breathe together and make a connection is an important Tantric sex tip. Having that special connection while making love can increase the passion and give a couple energy.

7) Give and receive.

Learning to give and receive during Tantric sex is important. Having the control to take it slowly and build the energy will make the end result much more powerful.

8) Share secrets.

When practicing Tantric sexs, learn to share with the other person what sex techniques are appreciated. Tell or show the partner how to do a particular move or touch. Sharing these lsecret desires can enhance the passion during lovemaking.

9) Find the place.

When learning this new way of making love to a partner, remember that spirituality is the basis of Tantric sex. Since the main objective of this powerful practice is spiritual cultivaiton, each partner needs to find his or her spiritual place.

10) Enjoy the journey

Tantra is not just about orgasms, in fact the whole process requires you to delay if not completely abandon your orgasm in order to achieve a higher level of awareness first. Quit seeking orgasm and discover what else you enjoy about sex. Whether that is the intimacy you like with your partner, oral sex, kissing - whatever it is - explore that and the rest will happen naturally.

Making sex more spiritual is not about learning a set of techniques, but about changing attitudes and approach. Sexuality and spirituality are not opposites. They can and should be woven together in order to make both a more profound experience.

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