Saturday, February 6, 2016

5 Yoga Moves That Can Improve Your Sex Life

Yoga has many benefits, including improving your sex life, according to Sharon Feiereisen .
Yoga can serve endless purposes — including improving your sex life — so much so, in fact, that come February 9 305 Fitness will be launching Yoga 4 Better X. The 55-minute flow will build on traditional vinyasa flow to, as the studio says, “awaken dormant internal energies, while improving strength, flexibility, and mental focus.” Inspired in equal parts by dance and yoga, the class will use a rhythmic flow to match movement with music and with breath and the “X” in the class’s name will constantly be changing (i.e., they will have classes where the “X” will be “sex” but will also be “sense,” “feel,” “body,” and “let go”). Read more

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