Tuesday, March 8, 2016

3 Techniques for More Clitoral Stimulation During Intercourse

Most women enjoy vaginal penetration, but only around 30% of women climax through vaginal penetration alone. Although most of the rest can have orgasms from manual or oral sex, many would still like to have an orgasm with their man inside them. More women could have orgasms during intercourse if their men provided more clitoral stimulation. The basic in and out thrusting practiced by most men doesn't provide enough clitoral stimulation for most women. In order for women to have orgasms during intercourse, men need to make a few, simple adjustments to their technique. Here are three techniques to provide more clitoral stimulation during intercourse:

1) His legs go outside hers.

When the man is on top in the missionary position, instead of having his legs inside the woman's, try putting them outside. With her legs together, the man is more likely to make contact with the clitoris as he thrusts. Although he can still thrust the usual way, circular motion as if stirring a drink with the penis also works well.

2) Go deep and grind.

Another thing a man can do is insert his penis into the vagina as far as it will go, but don’t move it in and out. The maan should just grind his pelvis right up against the clitoris and keep grinding. He may need to lubricate her first to prevent irritating the clitoris.

3) Put a pillow under her back.

Placing a pillow under her lower back (not her butt) will tilt her pelvis down and allow the penis to have a better chance of rubbing against the clitoris while thrusting in and out.

None of these techniques require any sexual acrobatics. All are performed in the missionary position. These small adjustments, however, can make a big difference in how much clitoral stimulation a woman gets during intercoursse. Giving these techniques a try could lead to a woman's first orgasm during intercourse.

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