Saturday, June 11, 2016

Facebook and Google Are Terrified of Tantra

Facebook and Google are terrified of Tantra, says Katrina Bos, which tells us five things about our society..
So here is a common e-mail I receive from Google and Facebook: “Your ad has been disapproved due to illicit sexual content.”

These are ads for couples’ retreats where you deepen your intimacy and love. These are ads for online courses in intimacy, tantra, and sacred sexuality – on how to truly make love to each other. And there might be a picture of a couple looking at each other like they wanted to kiss. Not exactly the stuff of scandals. So what’s going on? Read more
As a further example, despite its political correct support of LGBT rights, Facebook is stern and disapproving when it comes to actual lesbian sexuality. My friend Svetlana Ivanovqa discovered that the hard way.

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