Tuesday, December 6, 2016

8 Kama Sutra Thrusting Techniques

In a typical sex session, nine out of ten men thrust in the conventional way: in-out-in-out-in-out at the same speed, same depth, same hip motion until ejaculation. That isn't the only way to do it. however. The Kama Sutra is best known for its exotic sex positions, but it also describes eight different thrusting techniques that a couple can choose from. Although the man is the one performing all of the techniques, a couple of them require the woman to position herself in a certain way.

Boar’s blow

The man puts continuous pressure on one side of the vagina. Science says that one side of the clitoris is almost always more sensitive on most women, so it may well be that the same is true the vagina. Anyway, it doesn't hurt to experiment to find out.


The man pulls out completely and then enters again with a hard, fast stroke. This technique is best used after the woman is highly aroused and limited to a few strokes.

Bull’s blow

The man thrusts wildly in all directions like a bull tossing his horns. This is another technique best reserved until the woman is highly aroused and limited in duration.


The man grips his penis at the bas with his hand, and then moves it in circles inside the vagina.

Double-edged sword

The man thrusts sharply downwards into the vagina.


The woman lies on her back and does not raise her hips. The man then lies high up on her body and penetrates her. The penis is parallel to the vulva so that when he moves in and out, it pulls on and stimulates the clitoral area.


The woman raises her hips by putting a pillow under her butt, and the man thrusts in an upward motion.

Sporting of a sparrow

The man makes shallow rapid in and out strokes.

Experiment with these thrusting techniques to see which ones feel the best. The in-out-in-out may remain a mainstay, but these moves can provide some variety. Changing things up helps keep sex fun and exciting.

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