Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Tantric Ejaculation Control Technique

Tantra is an ancient spiritual practice, which teaches its practitioners to enjoy the various positive energies which life has to offer, including sexual energy. To enjoy these energies to their fullest, followers of Tantra attempt to delay their sexual climax in order to build up their sexual energy. These practices result in not only longer lovemaking sessions, but also more powerful orgasms upon climax.

The Tantric ejaculation control technique is a method of preventing premature ejaculation by using the teachings of Tantra to control your climax. Tantric ejaculation control takes time and practice, but in the end, being able to last longer during intercourse will be worth the effort.

How To Perform the Tantric Ejaculation Control Technique

1) Breath Control

Controlling your breathing; this is the first step to mastering Tantric ejaculation control. You should focus on deep, slow abdominal breathing. Make sure you inhale through your nose, out through your mouth, and that your abdomen becomes distended with air on each inhale. If you practice a few minutes a day, this element of the Tantric ejaculation control technique will help you gain control of your ejaculations

2) Semen Control

Another step towards perfecting Tantric ejaculation control is physically stopping yourself from ejaculating. When you feel as if you are about to ejaculate, immediately stop intercourse and apply pressure to the perineum, the area between your anus and scrotum with the ring, index, and middle finger of your right hand. If you press firmly enough, this aspect of the Tantric ejaculation control technique will keep you from expelling semen, even if you feel as if you have had an orgasm. For some men, using this element of Tantric exercise helps them maintain their erection and continue with intercourse.
3) Muscle Control

Muscle control is also important for Tantric ejaculation control. You’ve probably heard about the benefits of Kegel exercises, which are an important of elementTantra ejaculation control technique. Tantra ejaculation control also teaches that the lower back and abdominal muscles should stay relaxed during intercourse in order to effectively hold off premature ejaculation. Mastering the contraction and relaxation of these muscles at necessary moments will help you become an expert in the Tantra ejaculation control technique.

Using the Tantric ejaculation control technique will help you gain control of your sex life. You don't have to master every element of Tantric ejaculation control to begin delaying your ejaculations. Just remember to apply the elements you've practiced during lovemaking, and soon premature ejaculation will be a thing of the past.

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