Tuesday, March 1, 2016

7 Ways to Last Longer in Bed with a Woman

Do you want to learn how to last longer in bed so that your wife or girlfriend will be utterly and totally satisfied? Now a woman will probably will not come right out and tell you that she's sexually frustrated, but if you can only last for a few minutes, the chances are that she is. The good news is that it's possible to become a better lover, and pretty quickly too. You can start by following these seven tips:

1) Get into better shape.

Exercising and being in good physical condition will increase your sexual stamina as well.Your endurance will be increased, and you will be able to last longer than usual.

2) Get more protein and vitamin E in your diet

Foods such as fish, olive oil, and nuts will improve your sexual health. You can also get protein and vitamin E in supplements although try to get as much from your diet as you can.

3) Go for a second round.

If you ejaculate too quickly, don't just roll over and go to sleep! Wait a bit and go for a second round. You can spend time kissing, cuddling, and performing oral sex on her until you're ready to go again. It's easier to last longer during subsequent rounds.

4) Use the stop-and-go method.

Learn to identify the point at which ejaculation is inevitable, and stop just before reaching that point. Stop, pull out, and take some deep breaths. Take as long as you need to get control before going at it again.

5) Try the squeeze technique.

When you start to reach the point of inevitability, stop, pull out, and squeeze your penis just below the head. Put some pressure on the urethra on the underside of the shaft. This might be uncomfortable or even painful at first, but it's one of the easiest ways to last longer bed. It suppresses the ejaculatory urge so that you can regain control

6) Try to get her to climax first,

Bringing your partner to orgasm first will reduce your anxiety. Sometimes premature ejaculation is due to performance anxiety. If you take care of her pleasure first, you'll be able to relax. Don't be in a rush to stick it in. Spend extra time on foreplay and oral sex. When you do get to intercourse, take your time, and take a break if you get too excited.

7) Use the woman-on-top position.

Let her on get on top, and ask her to take things slowly for the first few minutes. You need to avoid doggy style and the missionary position if you want to last longer in bed, as these positions are more stimulating.

Following these seven ways to last longer bed with a woman will definitely help you delay ejaculation. Some of these tips you could try tonight. Others may take a bit more time. Either way, premature ejaculation is a problem that can be solved, but it's up to you to take the necessary steps.

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